Automotive Sandblasting

Aeroblast Abrasive Blasting offers a premium automotive sandblasting service, with over 30 years experience in the field we are the obvious choice to look after your automotive restoration project. This service ranges from cars to trucks, trailers, ute trays and everything in between.

Car Sandblasting

Here at Aeroblast Abrasive Blasting we utilise dry sandblasting of cars using only the highest grade crushed, washed, screened and sized glass as our preffered blast media when working on car restoration projects. This enables us to remove all coatings, rust, bog and surface contaminants from your vehicle leaving the surface perfectly cleaned. This process is completely free from water which removes the risk of flash rusting or leaving behind any hidden nasties. With our top of the line mobile blast units we are able to complete this process onsite, with adjustable air pressure we leave no warping or denting of any panels. Our trained and qualified team of car sandblasting experts in Sydney are able to personalize your needs by drawing on specialized knowledge about the various abrasive sandblasting techniques available for the automotive industry. 

Truck, Trailer and Ute Sandblasting

In addition to car sandblsting our highly trained team also specialises in abrasive blasting of trucks, trailers and utes. This process can include but is not limited to sandblasting of old rusted ute chassis' or ute trays, sandblasting truck chassis', removing concrete from agitators frames or fully sandblasting large semi trailer or plant trailers. Sandblasting is the most time and cost affective method of removing paint and surface contaminants such as oils, grease, grime and heavy rust, creating a perfectly clean surface for a new paint system to be applied, it is also a completely water and chemical free process which aids in the prevention of further corrosion. 

Please feel free to conttact one of our expert staff today for a free no obligation site visit/quote on your automotive restoration project today!

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