Dustless Blasting/Wet Grit Blasting

Dustless Blasting/Wet Grit Blasting is similar to traditional dry blasting methods with the addition of water supressing up to 92%of dust created.  Over the years, the technology has also acquired different names such as wet abrasive blasting, wet blasting, wet sandblasting, slurry blasting, vapour blasting, or dustless blasting.

There are two different ways to perform dustless blasting/wet grit blasting.

  1. By using a traditional dry abrasive blasting pot and using a special water induction nozzle that connects to a hose and introduces water at the nozzle of the blast hose.
  2. By using a task specific wet blasting pot, a pressurized vessel that mixes the water and abrasive together in pot and propels it at the substrate using air.

Both methods have a very similar end result. Benefits of Dustless Blasting/Wet Grit blasting:


  • Dust Suppression. This is the biggest advantage of dustless blasting, the suppression of dus and sparks is a necessity on some job sites such as refineries and areas of high traffic.
  • Easy Containment. With the use of water in abrasive blasting it means that certain areas will not need to be encapsulated as other works can carry on working near by where that typically would not be able to with dry blasting.

Another few benefits of vapour blasting are health and safety, portability, efficiency and many more. Vapour Blasting is the choice if your project requires no dust for any reasons such as working in a high traffic area, working on the roads, working in refineries. Dustless Blasting is a cost-effective way to get your blasting project completed if you have a project where dust is an issue.

The Future of Surface Preparation begins with the world's #1 tool for restoration. The Dustless Blaster continues to pave the way for the refinishing industry and set new standards for efficiency and power. Contac one of our dustless blasting specialists today for any enquiries about your project today!

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